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Trees for Sale
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Specimen Trees Available

Tree Type - Common Name

Tree Type - Botanic Name

Bonsai Trees in Progress
In bonsai container, 
wired and some styling
Pre-bonsai Material
Some repotted in bulb pans, and selectively trimmed
Nursery Material
In black nursery 
not trimmed
Starter Plants
4" or 6" 
plastic pots
10- Green Island Ficus   Ficus microcarpa "Green Island" yes yes yes 4" & 6"
11- Tiger Bark Ficus  Ficus retusa yes yes yes  
12- Fukien Tea

 ehretia microphylla

yes yes yes 4" & 6"
13- Bougainvilleas   yes yes    
14- Tamarind  Tamarindus indica yes yes    
15- Parrots Beak  Gmelina philippensis yes     4"
16- Tropical Mimosa  leucaena glauca yes      
17- Dwarf Bougainvillea (Pixie)   yes yes    
18- Dwarf Black Olive  bucida spinosa yes yes yes  
19- Jade  portulacaria afra yes yes    
20- Willow Leaf Ficus  Ficus Nerifolia / Salisafolia / Mexicana) yes yes yes 4" & 6"
21- Permna  Permna serratifolia "stinky bitch" yes      
22- Fire Bush  hamelia patens yes yes   4" & 6"
23- Royal Poinciana  Delonix regia   yes    
24- Flowering Divi Divi  caesalpinia coriaria yes yes   4"
25- Weeping Ficus  Fuicus benjamina       4" & 6"
26- Monkey Thorn  Acacia galpinii yes yes   4" & 6"
27- Gumbo Limbo  Bursera simaruba        
28- Brazilian Raintree  pithecellobium tortum yes      
29- White Indigo Berry  Randia aculeata   yes    
30- Arboricola  Schefflera arboricola   yes    
31- Lily Thorn  Catesbaea spinosa     yes  
32- China Hat  Holmskioldia sanguinea   yes    
33- Eugenia  Eugenia myrtifolia   yes    
34- Sweet Acacia  Acacia farnesiana        
35- Ficus Philippinensis   yes      
36- Sea Grape  Coccoloba uvifera yes yes    
37- Winged Elm  Ulmus alata yes      
38- Natal Plum  carissa macrocarpa yes yes    
39- Dwarf Hong Kong Orchid  bauhinia grandidieri yes      
40- Powder Puff  Calliandra haematocephala   yes    
41- Buttonwood  conocarpus erectus yes      
42- Simpson Stopper  Myrciathes fragrans     yes  
43- Juniper       yes  


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