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Welcome to this section of our web site. 
Our web site is a work in process & additional info will be added periodically.
Please browse at your leisure & check back from time to time.
Thank You.

We are located in Homestead, Florida, just South of Miami.
Our tropical weather allows us to be considered one of the best 
growing areas in the United States.

While browsing our website and if you have any questions, just give
us a call at 305-206-6550 and hopefully we can answer it for you.

In this section, we talk about the assortment of Palms, Plants, Trees, 
Hanging Baskets, Orchids, Ferns and Bromeliads. 

In the second section, we discuss Staghorn Ferns including
different varieties, their care, mounting them and supplies.

In the last section, we discuss the Art of Bonsai including
Bonsai Trees, Pre-bonsai, Tools, Wire and Pots.

Presently, we are open by appointment only



Most of the pictures and much of the information about the plant material on this web site came from other web sites on the internet.
We are providing it as educational material for your knowledge about the plants.
If you wish to copy any photos or information, you may do so.


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