The Alexander Palm is one of the highly desirable Florida Palm Trees. The ornamental palm tree is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions all over the world. It is  extremely popular in Australia.

In the United States the King palm mostly grows  in Hawaii, California and Florida. These palm trees are very attractive when they
are planted in groups or as singles.

Additional Information:

Scientific name: Archontophoenix Alexandrae

Family: Arecaceae

Genus: Archontophoenix

Name: The King palm gets its name from the former the Queen of England and the wife of the King of England Edward 7 Alexandra.

Origin: It is native to Queensland, Australia

Growth rate: These palm trees have fast growth rate. They grow about 1-3 feet per year.

Trunk: The tall, slender, smooth, self-cleaning, wider at the base, ridged with old leaf bases, light grey trunk can reach over 40-60 feet.

Leaves: The canopy of 8-12 pinnate, bright green above and white-silver underside, up to 7 feet long leaves give the tree gracefull appearance. The arching leaves stay vertical as they grow without dropping.

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Both

Maintenance: Low

Light exposure: Young palm trees prefer partial shade, adults can take full sun.

Water requirements: High water requirements, they like plenty of water.

Drought toleration: It is moderate drought tolerant.

Cold toleration: They are moderate cold hardy. Adults can tolerate some frost for short time. Minimum temperature should not be lower than 28F.

Flowers: The long cream stalks are formed below the crown shaft. They hold small lilac-purple flowers. The pendulous inflorescences are up to 3 feet long. Male and female flowers are on the same inflorescences.

Fruits: The fruits are round, pea-sized. They become bright red when  ripe.

Propagation: It is propagated from seed. The seeds germinate easily and quickly within 1-3 months.