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Bismarkia Palm


Scientific name: Bismarckia Nobilis

Family: Arecaceae

Genus: Bismarckia

Name: It gets its name from the former chancellor of the German Empire Otto Von Bismarck.

Origin: It is native to Madagascar.

Growth rate: It is fairly fast growing. When it establishes itself, the tree grows about 1 to 3 feet per year.

Trunk: The stout, smooth, grey-tan trunk grows up to a height or 35-60 feet. Unmature trees 
have old dead leaf bases.

Leaves: The light silver-blue-green, fan shaped, stiff, heavy, waxy leaves create a huge symmetrical 
crown 10-20 foot across. The leaves are supported on huge stems with sharp edges.

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Both

Maintenance: Low

Light exposure: It grows well in full sun and can tolerate partial shade.

Water requirements: It requires regular watering.

Drought toleration: It has high drought tolerance.

Cold toleration: It is fairly cold hardy and can tolerate a heavy frost.

Flowers: Large stalks of cream flowers up to 4 feet long come among the leaves. They are 
dioecious, male and female flowers occur on different trees.

Fruits: The trees produce not-eatable, round, brown fruits.

Propagation: It is propagated by seed. The seeds germinate within 8 weeks to 3 months