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Buccaneer Palm

Origin: South Florida, the Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, 
Dominica, Navassa and the Caribbean coast of Mexico

U.S.D.A. Zone: 10a-12b (28F Minimum) 

Growth Rate: Slow 

Habit: Solitary; canopy of 8-12 fronds 

Crownshaft: Short, wide 

Leaf: Pinnately compound; stiff 

Leaf Size: 4-9 feet long; leaflets 2 feet long, 2 inches wide

Salt Tolerance: High 

Light Requirements: Moderate; high 

Drought Tolerance: High, once established 

Soil: Widely adaptable 

Nutritional Requirements: Low 

Major Potential Pests: None noted 

Typical Dimensions: 10-25 feet tall; canopy 8-12 feet wide 

Propagation: Seeds 

Uses: Small palm; seascapes; patios; courtyards