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Canary Island Date Palm

Phoenix canariensis is a massive palm tree that can grow up to 40-50ft tall and 30-40ft wide. It has gray-brown 
stout trunk covered with old leaf bases in unique diamond shapes. It is not a self-cleaning palm, so you need 
to cut off dead leaves to maintain its beautiful appearance other wise you will end with decomposing 
leaves hanging from below the palm’s canopy. When pruned correctly, the bottom of the crown has a so 
called nut that looks like a pineapple, hence the name Pineapple Palm.
The trunk is topped with a big crown of 45-50 large dark green leaves with 80-100 leaflets in two rows. 
Arching pinnate, or feather-like, fronds can get up to 18ft long. Lower half of stem are covered with 2-3 inch 
sharp spines. Be careful while pruning.

The Canary Date Palm produces small creamy flowers held by branched stalks. The Canary Date Palm is 
dioecious, male and female grow on the same inflorescence. Female flowers are followed by orange-brown 
to dark purple round fruits, ˝ inch in diameter. Fruits are fleshy, date-like, grow in clusters. 
They are edible but not tasty.