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Montgomery Palm

Montgomery Palms have the architecture of the Royal Palm with gray concrete trunks rising to green crownshaft topped with beautifully arching feather-like fronds. In addition to this, however, they have the curving tropical grace of the Coconut Palm. Together with their moderate size and slender trunks, the combination of the architecture of the Royal Palm and the grace of the Coconut gives them the classic beauty of the Royal, but with a softer, more lovely and graceful look. The gray concrete-like trunks are regularly accented with beautiful dark rings and bright red fruits accent the dark green crown. The fronds may be as long as ten feet, but often are less. This palm is moderate in size. It usually grows up to about 30-35. Use it where the beauty of a Royal or Coconut is desired, but a smaller scale and size is required.

Montgomery palms have no serious pests, but be aware that it is slightly susceptible to Lethal Yellow disease, although not as susceptible as the Coconut. They grow well in partial shade to full sun in well-drained irrigated landscapes south of Palm Beach County and further north along the coast. They are moderately tolerant of drought and can tolerate slightly alkaline soil.



Height: Over 30 ft.

Spread: 10 ft. to 15 ft.

Growth Pace: Moderate Grower

Light: Full Sun Only

Moisture: Medium Moisture

Maintenance: Low

Characteristics: Interesting Bark; Showy Flowers; Showy Foliage; Showy Fruit

Bloom Time: Late Summer; Summer

Foliage Color: Evergreen

Flower Color: Yellow Flower

Uses: Container, Flowering Tree, Roadside, Specimen Plant/ Focal Point, Waterside

Style: Formal Garden

Type: Tropicals