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Spindle Palm


The Spindle Palm Tree, scientific name Hyophorbe verschaffeltii or Hyophorbe verschafeltii, is an elegant looking 
palm that is perfect for a small landscape. It is well-known for its unique spindle shaped trunk and beautiful v-shaped 
feathery leaves. The Spindle Palm has a lot of similar characteristics with Bottle Palm (Hyophorbe lagenicaulis). It is 
native to the exotic Mascarene Islands off the coast of Australia. 

Growth Rate: Slow
Height: Up to 10 – 20ft
Light Requirements: Full Sun to Partial shade
Water Requirement: Moderate
Cold Tolerance: down to 30F


The Spindle palm is a slow growing palm that can get up to 20ft tall and up to 15ft wide. The Spindle Palm Tree has 
a unique shape trunk, that is swollen in the center forming a spindle shape, hence the name Spindle Palm. Trunk 
is gray, smooth, prominently ringed with the scars of shed fronds, about 1.5 ft in diameter.
The Spindle Palm’s crown consists of another swollen area in the base of its crownshaft. The crownshaft is bright green, 
waxy, topped with a crown of 6-11 arching fronds which turn outward and down at the end, forming a ‘V’ shape. Leaves 
are pinnate, or feather-like, about 9-10ft long, with 100-150 leaflets that are bright green on the top and gray on the bottom.
The Spindle Palm produces fragrant creamy flowers that are supported by 2-3ft long inflorescence that emerge at the point 
where the crownshaft meets the trunk. The Spindle Palm Tree is monoecious, male and female flowers are born on the 
same plant. Flowers are followed by orange oval fruit, around 1 inch long.

Growing Spindle Palm Tree

It can tolerate cold down to 30F for a short period of time when mature enough. It prefers full sun but can also grow 
in a light shade. Like most palms, it grows best in moist well drained soil. The Spindle Palm tree is also perfect for 
indoors. This palm tree will make a great addition to any home office or landscape.