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Thatch Palm

The Florida Thatch Palm Tree, scientific name Thrinax radiata, is native to Florida Keys. It is also known as 
Silk-top Thatch Palm, Sea Thatch Palm. 

Growth Rate: Slow
Height: Up to 15 20ft
Light Requirement: Full Sun to Partial shade
Water Requirement: Moderate
Cold Tolerance: down to 30F


Has a slender grey trunk with dark green fan leaves at the top. Leaves are about 3ft long with drooping 
tips at the end. It produces white flowers that grow on the yellow stems to 3-4ft long. Flowers are 
followed by green round fruit that turns white when it is ripe. Fruit is around 1-1.5 inches wide.

Growing Florida Thatch Palm

This slow growing palm can get up to 20ft tall. It likes full sun but can also grow in broken shade. It does 
best in moist sandy soil with good drainage. Like a lot of palms it likes humid weather. It tolerates salt and 
drought very well. It adapts to a lot of different conditions. It is not very cold hardy palm; it can tolerate cold 
down to 30F. And is a wonderful palm tree in any landscape, especially those landscapes which love to 
adorn a hammock. This palm can also grow indoors