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We started rescuing Staghorn Ferns a number of years ago. It all began when a friend call 
me for info on how to re-hang their large Staghorn back into the tree it fell from. Since I am 
a member of the Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society, he thought I could help. I started to 
explain. First, go purchase about 30 feet of heavy duty chain to hang it with. Second, get three
or four friends to come over to help you lift it up. If that doesn't work, call the crane company
so they can hoist it into place. Between the chain and the crane you're at about $300. to $500.
Well he said that's too much to spent on a stupid plant. After figuring out the cost, he chose to 
give it to me. Because of the size and weight, it was easier to cut it into smaller plants.
We mounted them on wood backing and most of my friends got a Staghorns as a gift. 
Most had no idea what to do with it so I told them just hang it in a tree. Many are still doing well. 
Some have done extremely well and created that large Staghorn ball hanging in a tree. 

As they grew, heavier chains were added to keep them in place. Now they think they have
a very valuable fern and want to sell it and ask if I'm interested in buying it. After discussing
the cost to remove, move and install is another tree, they realize those costs are more then 
the fern is worth. Yes, I got some back for nothing, cut it up and mount the small fern 
balls and we start again - rescuing another Staghorn.

Look at the picture on the top of this page, if your Staghorn looks this big, be sure you have 
heavy duty galvanized chain holding it in place. Good chain sells for about $3.50 per foot and
a large fern ball will probably need two 12' to 15' pieces. Smaller size chain will rust away and this
monster will be on the floor. You might try to re-hang it and that's generally when we get called.

* * * 

We are located in Homestead, Florida where our tropical weather allows us to be considered 
one of the best  growing areas in the United States.

We're sorry but we no longer can take the larger Staghorn ferns.
Check with your local nursery to see if they may be interested. But 
remember it's costly to move and they may not have the equipment to move it.


Most of the pictures and much of the information about the plant material on this web site came from other 
web sites on the internet. We are providing it as educational material for your knowledge about the plants.
If you wish to copy any photos or information, you may do so.



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